March 2019


Release of a White-bellied Sea-Eagles   at   Sydney Olympic Park

The eight-month-old White-bellied Sea-Eagle known as SE-21 has now been released after four months of intensive care and rehabilitation. The release was done at Newington Nature Reserve, Sydney Olympic Park, the nest area where the eagle hatched.

Four weeks after SE-21 fledged the Sea-EagleCAM research team from  Eagle stuck in tree BirdLife Southern NSW had identified that SE-21 had developed a condition called Frounce or “Trich” (Trichomoniasis). Opinions had been sought from a number of vets and it was thought that SE-21 had about two to three weeks before the condition would result in starvation. Discussions were underway, on how she could be captured so lifesaving treatment could be administered. Two days after discussions started, on a very windy evening, SE-21 launched from the nest, circled round and struck the nest tree and managed to get one wing jammed in the fork of the tree about 10 metres above the ground.

The Sea-EagleCAM team was notified that there was a problem with SE-21, they logged into the monitoring camera and found the eagle stuck in the tree unable to get out. The team started to search for a tree climber to rescue SE-21. A climber and eagle handler was located from Ravi at Feathered Friends. They met a Sea-EagleCAM member and SOPA ranger at the Armory and the rescue was carried out in the dark at about 10pm. SE-21 was transported to a vet the next morning and went into intensive care at Feathered Friends for the next five weeks. When she had stabilised and was deemed strong enough she was transported to Higher Ground Raptors for flight conditioning in preparation for release.


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 Eagle release            Eagle fly
SE-21, Judy, Cathy, Peggy                                           SE-21 free at last


 Eagle release            Eagle fly
Missing primary feather after wound                                           SE-21 safe at home


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