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EagleCAM is a BirdLife Australia, Southern NSW, Research Project.

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23 November 2012 - S3 Fledges!

S3 fledges at 12:39pm on 23 November 2012

17 November 2012 - S3 Branches!

S3 Branches on 17 November 2012

14 November - S4 Fledges!

S4 fledges at 1:37pm on 14 November 2012

6 November - Branching!

S4 branched at 9.56AM on Tuesday 6 November delighting viewers who have been eagerly awaiting this day - official EagleCAM video is now available on YouTube.

14-16 November - The big rescue

On 14 October chatters reported that the chicks appeared to be tangled in something - possibly fishing line. The EagleCAM team were informed & quickly moved to intervene. S3 released by vet, banded & returned to nest. Attempts to access the nest by a tree climber proved impossible but approval to bring in a cherry-picker was given by the relevant authorities. S4 was removed from the nest first - was checked, banded, measured & weighed & returned to the nest. S3 was rescued next & the carbon fishing line was removed. On further inspection S3 appeard to hav swallowed a fish hook & so was taken to the Animal Referral Hospital for treatment - surgery to remove the hook & antibiotics to limt the risk of infection. S3 was safely returned to the nest on 16 November. View the official video: WBSE 2012 - Rescue - The full story

29 August - Transcript available for chat with Dr Stephen Debus

Stephen Debus at the Discovery CentreOur chat sessions last Saturday (25 August) with Stephen Debus were incredibly successful. There were over 50 people in the chat sessions and over 90 "lurking" (watching but not chatting/logged in). A series of questions were pre-submitted via mods & chatters so that Stephen had time to consider the answers but there was also time for open questions. Feedback about the event has been overwhelmingly positive and we thank Stephen for taking the time to be with us. Transcripts of both sessions are available: Session 1 & Session 2.
Dr Stephen Debus is a bird ecologist & author of "The Birds of Prey of Australia: A Field Guide" - the new, second edition will be available in September from CSIRO books.

24 August - S3 gets company - second hatch confirmed

S3 & S4At 10.30am on Friday 24 August, our second hatch was confirmed by the EagleCAM team. Both eaglets are doing very well & getting plenty to eat as Dad brings a regular stream of prey to the nest. The picture to the left shows both our gorgeous eaglets.


22 August - The eaglet has landed - hatch confirmed

S3 being fedAt 8.30am, Wednesday 22 August, hatch was confirmed as we got our first glimpse of S3. First feeding was seen at approximately 2.30pm & was captured on video available on YouTube. So far there is no evidence of a second egg or chick but we are all hopeful. Viewer & chatter numbers went up considerably as word got around. Welcome to the world S3!

25 August - Guest chatter: Dr Stephen Debus

Stephen DebusAn exciting guest will be joining us on chat on Saturday August 25!
Dr Stephen Debus, a bird ecologist & author of "The Birds of Prey of Australia: A Field Guide" will be at the Discovery Centre and will be our guest on chat from 8.30-9.30am EST (Eastern Standard Time or nest time). If time allows, Stephen will do a second chat sessions from 2.30-3.30pm. Stephen has done extensive study and written a number of papers about the White-bellied Sea-Eagle (WBSE) and is reputed to be one of the world leaders in knowledge about the WBSE.
For more information about Stephen and his work visit his website.

August 2012 - Hatch watch

We are expecting the first egg to hatch around 22 August if incubation times are the same as previous years.

July 2012 - First Egg Laid

At about 5:00pm on 12 July 2012 nest time the first egg was laid. Mum has been doing the night shift as usual and Dad will do his share of incubating during the day.

June 2012 - New camera & microphones

In late June the new Samsung Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera was installed and the Sanyo camera from 2011 was secured in its new location. Microphones were also installed. Read our June newsletter.

May 2012 - New Nest

In early May our WBSE parents started to build a new nest about 75 metres (82 yards) east of last year's nest.

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