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Sydney Olympic Park - Sea-Eagles

History - 2012
EagleCAM is a BirdLife Australia, Southern NSW, Research Project.

There has been a White-bellied Sea-Eagle nest in the woodland for many years with a succession of eagle pairs renovating the nest in the breeding season. Historic observations go back to at least 1967. For information about what has happened so far look at our News page.

2012:   In May 2012 the adult eagles started to build a new nest about 75 metres (82 yards) east of the 2011 nest. The nest is about 20 metres (65 feet) from the ground. In June the Sanyo CCTV camera from 2011 was mounted in a nearby tree about 20 metres north of the nest and about the same height. An additional CCTV Samsung Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera was mounted above this camera. Microphones were also installed one adjacent to each camera.
  First egg laid:   12 July 2012 at approximately 5:00pm
  Second egg laid:   15 July 2012 (this is an assumption as there was no clear view into the nest bowl)
  First egg - S3 (now referred to as SE-9) hatched:   22 August 2012 (first confirmed sighting)
  Second egg - S4 (now referred to as SE-10) hatched:   24 August 2012
On 14 October chatters reported that the chicks appeared to be tangled in something - possibly fishing line. The EagleCAM team were informed & quickly moved to intervene. Attempts to access the nest by a tree climber proved impossible but approval to bring in a cherry-picker was given by the relevant authorities. S4 was removed from the nest first - was checked, banded, measured & weighed & returned to the nest. S3 was rescued next & the carbon fishing line was removed. On further inspection S3 appeard to have swallowed a fish hook & so was taken to the Animal Referral Hospital for treatment - surgery to remove the hook & antibiotics to limt the risk of infection. S3 was safely returned to the nest on 16 November. View the official video: WBSE 2012 - Rescue - The full story.
SE-10 (S4) Fledge: 1:37pm 14 November 2012
SE-9 (S3) Fledge:
12:39pm 23 November 2012.

S3 & S4     S3 & S4.
S3 & S4 27th Sep.                                 S3 & S4 12th Oct.

S3 with fishing line     X-ray of S3
S3 with fishing line                                             X-ray of S3

Retrieving S3 from the nest     Removing fishing line from S3
Retrieving S3 from the nest                               Removing fishing line from S3

S3 at Discovery Centre     S3 after surgery
S3 at Discovery Centre                               S3 after surgery

S3 & S4 on the Nest
S3 & S4 back on the nest