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            Sydney Sea-Eagles - History


EagleCAM is a BirdLife Australia, Southern NSW, Research Project.
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There has been a White-bellied Sea-Eagle nest in the woodland for many years with a succession of eagle pairs renovating the nest in the breeding season. Historic observations go back to at least 1991. For information about what has happened so far look at our News page.

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2010:   In early May nest renovation began again at the 2009 nest. BirdLife Australia, Southern NSW, volunteers installed a new High Definition camera and the previous years standard CCTV camera, they had taken steps to try and keep the ants out of the cameras this year so we did't get a repeat of 2009. They were able for the first time to record behaviour at the nest for the whole breeding season in detail never seen before.
  First Egg laid:       20 June 2010 at 7:02am
  Second Egg laid:   The volunteers are not sure when the second egg was laid but first sighting was on the 3 July 2010. Possibly on the 23 June 2010.
  First Egg Hatched:       30 July 2010 about 9:30am
  Second Egg Hatched:   1 August 2010
Both chicks were reared successfully, taking their first flights in October. They stayed mostly in the forest returning to the nest to get food delivered by the adults. Both eaglets left the area in February 2011 and again, it was not possible to follow its progress.

Female feeding 4 day old chicks.     Female feeding 6 day old chicks.
  Mum feeding chicks 4 days old                          Mum feeding chicks 6 days old

Chicks 3 weeks old     Male & Chicks 8 weeks old.
  Chicks 3 weeks old                                           Chicks 8 weeks old

Dad & Eaglet 5 months old     Male & Female with 5 month old Eaglets.
          Dad & eaglet 5 months old                          Male & female with 5 month old eaglets